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Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML

Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML

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Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML is a professional-grade hair lightener designed for use in the salon. This low-volume formula is designed to lift up to six levels of color from the hair and deliver superior lightening performance. With its 1000ML, it offers long-lasting results while staying gentle on hair.

  • Dia rich Developer 9-Volume Loreal Professional is totally stable and buffered to ensure consistent and uniform color results.
  • It’s creamy, made formulas supply mild, controlled lightening and coloring action.

Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML refers to a hair developer or oxidizing agent used in hair coloring or lightening processes. It is commonly used in professional hair salons. Here's some information about Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML:

  1. Hair Developer or oxidizing agent that is mixed with hair color or bleach to activate the color molecules or lift the natural color of the hair. It is an essential component in many hair coloring and lightening processes.
  2. Volume and Strength: The "20 Vol" or "6%" indicates the strength or volume of the developer. In this case, it refers to a 20-volume developer, which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide. Volume refers to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the developer and determines the degree of lift or color deposit. Higher volumes typically provide more lift but can be more damaging to the hair.
  3. Lightening and Color Depositing: Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% is often used when lightening the hair or when a moderate amount of lift is desired. It can lift the natural hair color by a few levels or be used with permanent hair color to deposit color while simultaneously lightening the hair.
  4. Professional Use: Diactivateur 20 Vol 6% 1000 ML is typically sold in larger quantities and is primarily used in professional hair salons. The larger size is suitable for salon use, where hair color and lightening processes are performed on multiple clients.

It's important to note that hair coloring and lightening processes should be performed by trained professionals who understand the correct ratios, application techniques, and safety precautions. It's always advisable to consult a professional hairstylist or colorist for guidance and to ensure that the products used are appropriate for your specific hair needs and desired results.

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