Collection: Tabac

Tabac is a brand of fragrance that was created by Mäurer & Wirtz in 1959. It is said to have a floral fragrance and contains a blend of bergamot, neroli, lavender and is accented with tobacco, oakmoss and vanilla. Discover official website here 

  • Tabac is a well-known brand that specializes in men's grooming and fragrance products. The brand is primarily recognized for its classic and distinctive Tabac Original fragrance, which has been a staple in the men's fragrance market for many years.
  • Tabac Original is a masculine scent that combines notes of lavender, citrus, and warm spices with a base of tobacco, oakmoss, and vanilla. It is often described as a timeless and elegant fragrance that exudes sophistication and charm.

In addition to its fragrance line, Tabac offers a range of grooming products for men. These include shaving soaps, aftershaves, deodorants, and body sprays. Tabac shaving soaps are known for their rich lather and moisturizing properties, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. The aftershaves and deodorants carry the same Tabac Original fragrance, offering a coordinated scent and long-lasting freshness throughout the day.

Tabac products are designed to cater to the needs of men who appreciate classic, traditional scents and high-quality grooming essentials. The brand has a strong reputation for its attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the use of premium ingredients.

It's important to note that fragrance preferences are subjective, and individual experiences with Tabac products may vary. Additionally, some people may have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients, so it's always a good idea to read the product labels and do a patch test before incorporating any new grooming product into your routine.

If you have specific concerns or questions about Tabac products, it's recommended to reach out to the brand directly or consult with a professional in the field of fragrance and grooming.