Collection: Wella Color Fresh

Discover Wella Color Fresh, Wella's range of ammonia free semi permanent hair color products. Choose from a range of of pure vibrant shades to keep your clients color looking refreshed for longer.

  • Color Fresh Create is an ammonia-free hair color with a complete semi-permanent expressive color palette.
  • With 12 specially crafted pure vibrant shades and 3 additives.
  • Fading true to tone and lasting up to 20 washes, depending on shade used and hair condition.
  • Full intermixability and beautiful pastelization and tonal results.

COLOR FRESH CREATE fades true-to-tone over time and pastelizes during each wash- gradually fading into beautiful, soft pastel hues.

This is due to carefully selected dyes that avoid an off tone fade.


Apply evenly on natural light blonde, white or pre-lightened hair. Apply directly to clean, dry or pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Comb color evenly through the hair to achieve an even color result. Wear gloves and stay off the skin. Intense shades may stain skin.


Pastelization: Dilute any COLOR FRESH CREATE shade with Tomorrow Clear to desired intensity e.g 1:1 or 1:30 (1 part COLOR FRESH CREATE + 30 parts Tomorrow Clear)

Vintage pastels: Dilute any COLOR FRESH CREATE shade with Vintage Blush for a purposely lived-in vintage effect to desired intensity e.g 1:1 or 1:30 (1 part COLOR FRESH CREATE + 30 parts Vinatge Blush)

Muted effects: Mix any COLOR FRESH CREATE shade with Tonight Dusk for deeper, darker and muted results. Less is more! eg 20:1 (20 parts COLOR FRESH CREATE + 1 part Tonight Dusk)


Mix desired amount into a bowl.



Develop for 20 minutes. For more pastelization or softer hues develop for 5-10 minutes. For more vibrancy and intensity extend development time to 30 minutes.

Line drawing of a showerhead with water coming out


Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. For optimum color results, do not shampoo the hair after coloring. Style hair as usual.


True-to-tone fading, lasts up to 20 washes*

(Tonight Dusk due to the blue hue in the shade may fade in the blue direction)


Zero coverage, pure tone

*Depending on shade used and hair condition

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS-Perform an Allergy Test 48 hours before each product use. For further information go to