Collection: Wella Koleston hair Color

Wella Koleston hair Color from Wella Professional is a popular brand of hair color products. It's known for offering a wide range of professional hair color options for both at-home and salon use. Wella Koleston products include permanent hair dyes that provide vibrant, long-lasting color results.

Wella Koleston hair Color offers a variety of shades that cater to different hair color preferences and styles. Koleston's formulations often aim to deliver intense, even color coverage while also taking into consideration hair health and condition.

When using professional hair color product, it's important to carefully follow the instructions provided on the packaging to achieve the desired results while minimizing damage to your hair. Additionally, performing a patch test before applying the color all over your hair is recommended to check for any potential allergic reactions or sensitivities.

About Wella Professional

Wella Professional, an innovative global leader in the beauty industry that combines 140+ years of earned wisdom and industry experience with the enthusiastic growth momentum of a newly minted independent entity. Now marking two years as a stand-alone company, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the beauty sector.

Wella Professional have a portfolio of iconic professional and retail hair, nail, and cutting-edge beauty tech brands. They are dedicated to and proud to serve the legions of artists and owners across the professional hair and nail community in the more than 100 countries where they operate.

Each day we impact a diverse community of more than 91 million beauty lovers and industry professionals, social influencers, ambassadors, followers, employees, and customers across the globe. This is our Wella Family.​