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Loreal Professional Salon Exclusive

L’Oréal Professionnel Dulcia Advanced 2 Tonique Fortifying Perm 100ml/75ml

L’Oréal Professionnel Dulcia Advanced 2 Tonique Fortifying Perm 100ml/75ml

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L'Oreal Professionnel Dulcia Advanced Lotion is designed to perform professional perm service for long-lasting curls and waves. L'Oreal Dulcia Advanced Lotions comes in 4 different strengths: resistant hair, natural hair, sensitized, and very sensitized hair. Dulcia Advanced Lotion is enriched with Ionene G, which allows easy penetrating into the core of the hair. This highly cationic lotion adheres to the most fragile parts of the hair and prevents the loss of proteins and lipids.

  • 0 - Resistant Hair
  • 1 - Resistant to Natural Hair
  • 2 - Natural to Sensitized Hair
  • 3 - Sensitized to very Sensitized Hair
  • 1T - Natural Hair
  • 2T - Sensitized Hair


  • Recommended for perm treated hair
  • Protects and hydrates the hair while forming curls
  • Hair stays smooth and soft, for the perfect modern perm
  • Professional product


  1. Selecting the lotion - Analyze the hair type and condition to determine the correct lotion. When in doubt, choose the weaker solution.
  2. Preparation - Shampoo hair with a non-barrier forming shampoo and towel dry thoroughly. Select the rod size appropriate to the required amount of curl and movement. Wrap the hair with rods without tension.
  3. Application of perm lotion - Wear suitable disposable gloves. Apply the lotion to each curler 3 times to ensure even saturation.
  4. Processing - Place processing cap over whole head. Do not use heat. Processing time varies per hair type. Test curl is necessary during processing time. 
    • Dulcia Advanced 0 = 10-20 minutes
    • Dulcia Advanced 1-2-3 = 10-15 minutes
  5. Rinsing - Rinse out perm lotion thoroughly then blot out excess water. 
  6. Neutralizing - Apply 100ml of Dulcia Advanced Neutralizer to rods. Leave for 10 minutes. Unwind each rod carefully. Massage gently into the end lengths of the hair. Rinse thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Do not shampoo.



  • Follow the directions for use
  • Wear suitable disposable gloves
  • Do not use on sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp
  • Do not use if you or your client has already had a reaction to this type of product
  • Respect the processing time
  • To prevent all irritation, localize well the application on the hair,limiting dripping on the scalp,the contours of the face or the neck
  • In case of contact with the skin rinse thoroughly to avoid burning
  • Avoid contact of any product with the eyes. In case of contact rinse immediately and thoroughly with warm water for at least 15 minutes,stop usage and contact the doctor
  • In case of reactions during the application such as intense stinging, spots or burning sensations on the scalp, rinse immediately with warm water and stop usage
  • The perm lotion contains ammonia and thioglycolate and the neutralizer contains sodium bromate which is caustic .Its ingestion can provoke lesions which can cause death
  • In case of ingestion, consult immediately a doctor or contact immediately the anti-poison center
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Select carefully the strength of the product (lotion) according to hair type
  • Do not apply on hair treated with henna or metallic salts
  • Do not apply on bleached hair
  • Do not flood the scalp or the skin with the lotion
  • Rinse hair thoroughly :rinse for at least 3 minutes

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