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Colgate Herbal 100 ML- Poland

Colgate Herbal 100 ML- Poland

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Colgate herbal white toothpaste 100ml - Poland combines the science of Colgate with nature's best herbs - Eucalyptus and mint - and lemon to whiten and strengthen teeth. Combines the oral care science of Colgate with nature's best herbs to whiten & Strengthen teeth.

This new dentifrice formulation, manufactured by the company Colgate. Contains extracts of lemon, peppermint pleasant breath, eucalyptus and fluorine, which acts against caries. Dental caries (tooth decay) is a painful and costly tooth disease which can result in serious damage.

According to research conducted in children aged 5-16 years, brushing teeth at least once a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride, causes less wear on the teeth. The review of research done has shown that children who used fluoride toothpaste had fewer decay or missing teeth, while the completion of their permanent teeth with new, began after three years.

The Colgate herbal white gently cleans your teeth and helps to regain its natural whiteness and shine. This unique formula combines the knowledge and expertise of Colgate with an incomparable blend of eucalyptus, lemon balm and mint. The teeth are more robust and healthy while the whiteness is maintained for a Long Time.

  • Herbal Herbal ingredients for stronger teeth and gums
  • Brings to you the best of both nature and Science
  • Has a pleasant taste
  • Clinically proven cavity and enamel protection
  • Combines the oral care science of Colgate with nature's best herbs for healthier teeth and gums

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