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Cheryl's Clari Glow Facial Kit

Cheryl's Clari Glow Facial Kit

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Cheryl's Clari Glow Facial Kit contains facials for oily skin without acne. This oily skin care facial plays the dual role of controlling the sebum secretion while also imparting an even skin tone. It cleans the unblocked pores to prevent the proliferation of any bacteria that settles on the epidermis. It reduces open pores and instantly lightens the skin. It gives you a matte finish by removing epidermal dead skin.

  • This kit includes sachet sets for 10 uses
  • Enhances natural glow while leaving the skin with matte appearance
  • Reduces and control imperfections on the oily skin
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Advanced Facial Series

Cheryl's Clari Glow Facial Kit is lso the favouaite among the beauticians in top Salons across the world.

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