Collection: CHROMA CRÈME

A trio of neutralizing cream shampoos with professional tailored dyes to color correct & care, like a pro. Provide instant color correction tailored to all hair colors, with intense care.

For light to medium brown hair. Exists on 300ml.


  • Blue Chroma Crème instantly neutralizes all unwanted orange reflects and intensely nourishes the fiber without weighing it down for a superior color correction and care.
  • Chroma Crème is the outcome of a unique collaboration between L'Oréal Professionnel Paris Color Labs and Haircare Labs.
  • Together, they have developed an exclusive technology with professional tailored dyes to neutralize unwanted warm reflects, now in the most caring formula*.


Freshly colored hair contains a mix of primary color dyes. After a few washes, some of the dyes fades. Warm reflects such as yellow, orange or red reappear.

  • As blue neutralize orange reflects, choose Blue Chroma Crème for light to medium brown hair.
  1. It delivers homogeneous neutralization** thanks to a thinner, more even formula deposit than regular neutralizing shampoos, that ensures no color spot even on porous areas**.
  2. It provides upmost care that targets the most damaged and porous areas of the hair.
  3. It also guarantees 3x more shine***.

*At L'Oréal Professionnel. ** Hairdressers' feedbacks. ***Instrumental test