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Float in a cloud of your favorite fragrance. Our light-as-air mist offers a refreshing hint of scent. Powerful and rich, Bombshell Intense is a decadent blend of red peony and lush fruits.

Tip: For a long-lasting fragrance experience, layer with matching Fine Fragrance Lotion.

  • Fragrance type: Chypre Fruity Floral
  • Notes: lush cherry, red peony, sultry vanilla
  • Mist is our lightest version of the fragrance
  • 250 ml/8.4 fl oz.

VICTORIA'S SECRET BOMBSHELL INTENSE MIST is a floral - fruity composition with notes of star fruit, twilight jasmine and vanilla from Madagascar. 

  • Unstoppable and sexy.
  • Bold and bright. It's Bombshell New York. A limited edition sister to our best-selling Bombshell fragrance.
  • Exclusively for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Verified Customer Reviews:

What’s better than one very good thing? Two very good things, of course! Just like yours truly, VS couldn’t seem to get enough of Bombshell either me thinks and that’s how Bombshell New York happened. Because similar to Bombshell, Bombshell New York too is a fruity floral scent, albeit with an edge. Carrying undertones of Starfruit, Twilight Jasmine and Madagascar Vanilla, I’m begging this fragrance as a mature variant of Bombshell, better suited to women looking to make a statement. Another way it scores over the original Bombshell is that the shorter staying power of Bombshell seems to have been corrected here making Bombshell New York an absolute winner. Use it a couple of times to know why I’m calling it that, and why you’ll never want to step out of the house again ...
camila.l · Reviewed on
BEST Perfume Ever!2 years ago
In my household trying to find a perfume that agrees with everyone can be nightmare!. Firstly, we have myself who suffers from migraines and if a perfume is too strong and sweet smelling I’m sure to end up with a migraine, I can’t even walk passed the bodyshop without holding my breath. Then there’s my hubby, who ends up with a sinus overload lol.... he will sneeze (a lot), his eyes water, he gets a runny nose and worst of all his Asthma plays up with certain perfumes.... but not with this perfume. I always get compliments from people and i just love this perfume so much! So, would I recommend it..... YES!
Suzasreviews · Reviewed on
10 months ago
Smells so good and lasts all day on my clothes, I’ve gotten many compliments even by strangers. I would describe the smell as slightly fruity but not any specific fruit. Definitely recommend this perfume.
athena.a · Reviewed on
2 years ago
I love the scent of this perfume. It has the bombshell scent foundation with a sexy sophistication to it. (I can't really describe scents that well, can you tell?) I have the Bombshell and Bombshell Paris and I would say the New York scent is a little heavier than the others. Give it a spray next time you're at Victoria's Secret!
stephanie.f · Reviewed on
a week ago
I love it, it's an adorable and sweet fragrance, I always use it in the morning and I love its sweet aroma that wherever it happened, it asks me what I'm wearing and what it's called, it surprises me when women always ask what I'm wearing, I want to smell as sweet as you LOL
geldy.g · Reviewed on
2 years ago
If you don’t like floral smells or very sharp perfume smells that give you a headache, this is for you! It has a very sweet but sexy smell. It’s my favorite perfume by far! I always make sure I have this in stock.
payal.p · Reviewed on
3 years ago
Love it! it's really smells amazing! Too bad it's only a limited time edition fragrance. I got even the rollerball. It smells like floral and a bit fruity.
christina.s · Reviewed on
2 years ago
It smells too rich. It is seductive. I also use it to sleep too. I love it. the bottle is super cute and the fragrance lasts after the bath. is incredible.
milagros carolina.v · Reviewed on
2 years ago
I bought this perfume some time ago but when I tried it, I didn't like it too much because I usually prefer fruity scents and this one was a too strong. However I recommend it for the good quality-price ratio.
lucrezia.p · Reviewed on
2 years ago
My favorite! This scent is amazing! I love how this smells and it doesn’t fade quick. . Especially love that I scored on Black Friday for $25!

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