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Richelon Star Wax Bubblegum Liposoluble Wax

Richelon Star Wax Bubblegum Liposoluble Wax

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This professional-grade Richelon Star Wax Bubblegum Liposoluble Wax is enriched with nuturing Gels, Argan Oil and works on all hair types. The exceptional formula effectively removes stubborn body and facial hairs, leaving skin smooth and undamaged. Its gentle, no-strip formulation ensures comfortable waxing with minimal discomfort.

An exotic ingredient usually found in Morocco, Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree. Because it is rich in vitamin A and E, it has phenomenal moisturizing properties. A favourite of the beauty industry, this magic ingredient is a terrific moisturizer that reduces acne and diminishes signs of ageing. It also creates a soft sensation on the skin by restoring its elasticity.

Waxes used for hair removal and other beauty treatments can be broadly categorized into two types: strip wax and hot/hard wax. Strip wax is applied to the skin and removed using a strip of fabric or paper. On the other hand, hot or hard wax is applied directly to the skin, allowed to cool and harden, and then pulled off without the need for a strip.

  • Liposoluble wax typically refers to hot or hard wax that is soluble in lipids (fats and oils). It means that the wax can be easily removed from the skin using oil-based products, like baby oil or specific post-waxing oils, instead of water.
  • This feature makes it convenient for cleaning up any wax residue left on the skin after hair removal.
  • Ideal for rough & dry skin.

Richelon Star Wax Bubblegum Liposoluble Wax WITH MOISTURIZING PROPERTIES

Rich In Vitamin A And E, Argan Oil Has A Phenomenal Moisturizing Properties
This All-Time Favourite Oil Boosts The Skin’s Health And Deeply Nourishes And Hydrates The Skin, Argan Oil Aids In Reducing Acne And Diminishes Signs Of Ageing
Moroccan Argan Oil Wax Luxuriously Hydrates And Infuses The Skin With Moisture.

About Richelon & Brand

The Brand Has Successfully Made Its Niche In The Market As A Popular Choice For Fulfilling Waxing Needs. It Aims To Take Forward The “Made In India” Mantra By Focusing On Creating Avant Garde Hair Removal Waxes And Technology.

Richelon Is One Of A Kind Beauty Ritual That Stays Ahead Of Client’s Needs So That They Keep Coming Back By Ensuring Perfect Results. Richelon Products Are Designed Using The Best And Highest Quality Ingredients Only. A Meticulous Process Of Selecting Resins And Precise Quality Control Is Followed Thus Making Richelon Pro Wax An Outstanding Product In The Indian Market.

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