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Noxzema Shave Cream Regular

Noxzema Shave Cream Regular

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Noxzema Shave Cream Regular Protective Formula, Regular 11 oz (311 g) Thick rich lather. Dermatologist tested. The thick, rich lather of Noxzema Regular Shave has special emollients and lubricants that let you shave closely and comfortably.

Noxzema Shave Cream Regular is a shaving cream product that has been popular for many years. Noxzema is a well-known brand in skincare and personal care products.

Noxzema Shave Cream Regular is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shave for both men and women. It comes in a cream form that is easy to apply and creates a rich lather when mixed with water. The cream is formulated to help moisturize the skin, soften the hair, and protect against razor burn and irritation.

The ingredients in Noxzema Shave Cream Regular typically include water, stearic acid, glycerin, coconut acid, and various moisturizers and emollients. These ingredients work together to create a lubricating layer on the skin's surface, allowing the razor to glide smoothly and minimize friction. The cream also helps to hydrate and condition the skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed after shaving.

To use Noxzema Shave Cream Regular, wet the skin and apply a thin layer of the cream to the desired shaving areas. Massage it gently onto the skin to create a lather, then proceed with shaving using a sharp razor. After shaving, rinse off any remaining product and pat the skin dry. You can follow up with your preferred aftershave or moisturizer for further hydration and soothing effects.

Noxzema Shave Cream Regular is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, as with any skincare product, it's a good idea to perform a patch test on a small area of skin before using it on a larger area, especially if you have known sensitivities or allergies.

Overall, Noxzema Shave Cream Regular is known for its smooth and comfortable shaving experience and can be a good option for those looking for a classic and reliable shaving cream.

It helps prevent nicks, cuts and irritation and leaves skin feeling soft. No CFCs - Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer.

Made in USA.

How to Use:

  • Wet face.
  • Shake can and hold upright. 
  • Press top to release lather.
  • Contents under pressure.

Additional Information:

  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Noxzema Regular Shave.
  • Irritation and leaves skin feeling soft.
  • 11 oz Shave Cream

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