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English Blazer

English Blazer Talc Black

English Blazer Talc Black

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English Blazer Talc Black is a popular personal care product manufactured by English Blazer, a well-known brand in the fragrance industry. English Blazer offers a range of grooming products for men, including colognes, aftershaves, deodorants, and talcum powders.

Talcum powder is typically used for its absorbent and soothing properties. It helps to keep the skin dry and reduce friction, making it particularly useful in areas prone to sweating, such as underarms, feet, and groin. Talcum powder is often used after bathing or showering to provide a refreshing sensation and prevent excessive moisture buildup.

English Blazer Talcum Powder is available in various fragrances to add a pleasant scent to the skin. The specific scent options may vary, but common fragrances associated with English Blazer include classic, musk, and woody notes. 

  • Strong and Long Lasting fragrance which last the entire day
  • Apply on face, armpits, and entire body for all day seductive fragrance
  • Safe and natural ingredients to give you best quality fragrance with no side effects
  • Apply daily after shower and feel the confidence for the entire day and night

English Blazer Talc Black 250g is the original masculine talc made in UAE (Dubai) by English Blazer & Co. It has a strong masculine fragrance which lasts the entire day to give you the confidence to be up close ... very close to your loved ones and give them a strong arousing fragrance from your body 24x7.

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