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Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment Facial Kit

Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment Facial Kit

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Our Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment Facial Kit offers a specialized and comprehensive solution for your skincare needs. With scientifically proven ingredients and expert formulation, this kit provides advanced nourishment and revitalization for healthier, glowing skin. Experience professional-level results in the comfort of your own home.

Casmara Skin Sensations Treatment Facial Kit- REVITALIZING. Anti-age.

PROFESSIONAL PERSONALIZED REVITALIZING TREATMENT IN SINGLE-DOSE PHASES COMBINED WITH THE BENEFITS OF THE ALGAE PEEL-OFF GOLD MASK 2080. A high technology facial mask with 24-carat gold which nourishes, revitalizes and reaffirms the skin.

An injection of vitamins and minerals. the essential trace elements for skins that need to restore the balance lost with the passage of time.

Who is this for?

  • Mature skin. Unisex formula. Indicada para pieles maduras. Especialmente para aquellas que necesiten luminosidad y una recarga de vitalidad inmediata. Incluso piel sensible.


  1. Innovative multivitamin complex and remineralizing formula.
  2. Forming a protective shield against pollution and preventing oxidation.
  3. Improves the skin's biosensoral capacity.
  4. Stimulating collagen synthesis and improving keratinocyte cohesion.
  5. It accelerates the process of cell renewal.
  6. Innovative multivitamin complex and remineralizing formula.


    • Stops, prevents and improves the already visible signs of aging.
    • Strengthened and balanced skin.
    • Protected, healthy and radiant face. Diminishes the quantity and depth of wrinkles.

    Active ingredients

    • TRACE OAT PROTEIN COMPLEX®: A complex containing oat protein, minerals and essential trace elements, providing an antioxidant, regenerating, oxygenating and moisturizing action.

    • OLIGOELINE®: A marine active ingredient which remineralizes and moisturizes as a result of its film-forming properties

    • EUK-134®: Protection against external agents. It works by annulling their activity..

    • ELLAGI-C®: Antioxidant active ingredient that prevents oxidative stress and protects type IV collagen, restoring firmness and skin oxygenation

    • VITAMIN COMPLEX: An innovative complex that blends vitamins and peptides favoring the absorption of same and enhancing its effect on the skin.

    • AUREALIS®: A natural ultra moisturizer obtained from orange blossom. It increases hyaluronic acid synthesis by 44%.

    • NATURAL JEJU ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL®: A natural oil obtained from Camellia Japonica, with moisturizing, anti-ageing and soothing properties.

    • ARGAN OIL: It improves elasticity, nutrition and moisturization of the skin thanks to its high content VIT. E and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 9).

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