Collection: Timotei

Timotei is a shampoo brand owned by Unilever. The name Timotei comes from the Finnish word for a wild grass called timothy (timotei in Finnish). The Timotei brand was conceived and designed by Lintas Helsinki in Finland.[1] Timotei shampoo was launched in the early 1980s, but some countries only sold Timotei for a short period. The tagline was 'So mild you can wash your hair as often as you like'. Official website click here 

  • Timotei is a well-known brand of hair care products, particularly recognized for its shampoos and conditioners. The brand originated in Sweden and has gained popularity worldwide for its focus on natural and botanical ingredients.
  • Products often feature plant-based extracts and are marketed as gentle and nourishing for the hair. Some of the common ingredients found include herbs like chamomile, nettle, and green tea, as well as fruit extracts like apple and peach.
  • These ingredients are chosen for their purported benefits in providing shine, strength, and healthy-looking hair.

One of Timotei's notable product lines is the Timotei Pure range, which emphasizes its commitment to using natural ingredients and is free from parabens and dyes. This line is aimed at individuals seeking a more environmentally friendly and gentle hair care option.

It's important to note that individual experiences with hair care products can vary depending on hair type, texture, and personal preferences. What works well for one person may not work the same for another. If you have specific hair concerns or sensitivities, it's always a good idea to check the product labels and consult with a hair care professional or dermatologist for personalized advice.