Collection: Brylcreem

Brylcreem is a men's grooming product that is primarily used as a hair styling cream. It has been around since 1928 and is known for its distinctive fragrance and shiny, slicked-back look it imparts to the hair. Particularly popular among men who prefer a more classic, polished hairstyle.

The cream itself has a thick consistency and is typically applied to damp or dry hair. It helps hold the hair in place and provides a shiny finish. Brylcreem contains a combination of mineral oil, beeswax, and other ingredients that contribute to its styling properties.

  • To use Brylcreem, you would typically take a small amount of the cream and rub it between your palms to warm it up.
  • Then, you can run your hands through your hair to distribute the product evenly.
  • Depending on the desired style, you can comb or brush your hair into place after applying Brylcreem.

The British pharmaceutical firm Beecham was the longtime owner of Brylcreem. Sara Lee bought the personal care unit of SmithKline Beecham in June 1993. In January 2012, the global rights to sell the brand of Brylcreem were sold by Sara Lee Corporation, to Unilever.

Various Brylcreem products are sold worldwide. Brylcreem is marketed in the United States by Combe Incorporated, in Europe by Unilever and in India by HUL. Before Godrej acquired a 51% stake of Sara Lee, in their joint venture Godrej Sara Lee in May 2010, the brand was distributed by Godrej in India.