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Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals

Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals offers wide range of grooming products at Prokare- India's leading cosmetics online destination for professional beauty and wellness products.

Cheryl's pioneer result oriented cosmeceuticals for the Indian skin type by collaborating with scientists and engineers to invent skincare solutions using modern, innovative and proven technologies that match the Indian consumers’ requirements.

Research, develop, and manufacture India’s most advanced products for the cosmeceutical industry that have a remarkable impact in people’s lives.

Explore the entire range of Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals products available on Prokare.

Manufacturer: Cheryl's PPL, A Division of L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Vardhaman Skincare Pvt Ltd, 1-8, Plot No. 7, Agarwal Udyog Nagar, Village: Waliv, Sativali Rad, Vasai East, District Thane - 401208

Kickstart your skincare regime with cleansing your face every day with a face cleanser in the mornings and evenings to remove impurities to prevent acne breakouts, dead skin cells and clogged pores.

Cleanser is the first thing you should use on your face after waking up. Skin cleansing is a very important step in your skincare routine. Massage your face with the face cleanser for at least three to four minutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise motion to allow it to reach the deep layers of your skin to remove the pollutants that settle there. Wash your face with water and pat dry to be left with fresh, clean skin.

A face Cleanser works to remove dead skin layers and accelerate the process of new skin cell formation giving you a fresh face every day. Use one of these face washes for women to delay the ageing process. This range of cleansers also work as face wash for lightened skin

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